Server Cleanup v 3.0 is available for public testing. I have gone thru it and tested all the features as well as I can on a private test server, so I am putting it out in the wild for anyone who may wish to give it a spin.

Server Cleanup is a program designed to correct and/or modify user home folders in an Apple network home folder environment. It allows an administrator to make changes to folders on the server in batch or individually.

I have tested it very thoroughly, but there is always the chance, as with any pre-release software, that data loss can occur. Therefore, I recommend you try it first on a test server, or a test account/group before using it on live data. Again, I have tested it quite thoroughly, but it is always a good idea to be cautious. Good backups are always a good idea.

I have not been able to test SC 3 extensively with an Active Directory environment. While it should work fine, this would be a good area for testing.

Progress bars are not QUITE right yet and I am working on those. Since these are, really, minor, I thought I would allow for public testing/use.

Thank you all for your help, encouragement and advice.

System Requirements

Apple file server connected to a directory system, either Apple’s Open Directory or Microsoft’s Active Directory. The file server must be running 10.5 or higher, thou the directory server need not be.

Server Cleanup 3

Download 3.0rc20